20 Aug 2013

Rupee decline continues

7:08 am on 20 August 2013

The Indian rupee is at an all-time low against the US dollar, despite recent measures by the government to stem its decline.

The currency fell as low as 62.49 against the US dollar in early trade on Monday.

Foreign investors have withdrawn $11.58 billion in shares and debt since the beginning of June, according to official data,

The central bank has also increased the interest rate at which it lends money to other banks and also put a cap on their daily borrowings in an attempt to support the currency.

The BBC reports higher import duties have also been imposed on gold and a ban on imports of gold coins and bars.

The rupee has declined by nearly 16% against the US dollar since May.

The Indian economy grew at an annual rate of 5% in the 2012-13 financial year, the slowest pace in 10 years.