23 Aug 2013

Sky TV net profit up 11%

12:47 pm on 23 August 2013

Sky Network Television lifted annual net profit 11% as it gained subscribers and sold more expensive options.

This was despite customer churn rising slightly, viewing hours per subscriber falling and lower pay-per-view purchases.

Net profit for the year ended June rose to $132.2 million from $122.8 million the previous year.

Customer numbers increased by 8967 and average revenue per customer rose 2.6% to $86.89 compared with $84.69 the previous year.

That's despite subscriber viewing hours falling 4% to 296 hours per month. Sky said this fall mainly reflects the impact of the Rugby World Cup in the previous year.

Only 13.6% of subscribers purchased a pay-per-view programme each month in the latest year, down from 15.6% the previous year.