6 Sep 2013

Diligent censured by NZX

11:54 am on 6 September 2013

Diligent has been publicly censured by the NZX and ordered to pay a fine of nearly $19,000 for failing to properly notify the appointment of new directors and giving some of its top executives too many shares.

An investigation by the NZX Markets Disciplinary Tribunal found Diligent had poor internal controls, which resulted in it breaking the rules.

But when deciding on the fine, the tribunal took into account the fact that Diligent reported the errors itself and took steps to fix them, as well as improving its systems to prevent mistakes happening again.

Chairman David Liptak said the board is pleased to put the matters behind it and he has confidence the mistakes won't be repeated.

In June, the company admitted it had misreported some of its accounts and was not able to publish its half year accounts in August. That is now expected by the end of October.