7 Oct 2013

TradeMe website shows IT workers earn biggest salaries

7:27 am on 7 October 2013

Employment advertisements posted on the TradeMe website show doctors and medical specialists no longer command the fattest pay packets.

The online auction site's latest figures show doctors have fallen to the fifth highest paid.

TradeMe head of jobs Peter Osborne says there's been a marked change in the value placed on doctors.

He says four out of five positions earning the top salaries in New Zealand are in the information technology sector and many of them are earning more than $130,000 a year on average.

Mr Osborne says the gap is likely to widen because of upward pressure on salaries in the IT sector.

He says demand for IT workers has been high for some time and this along with a shortage of candidates increases salaries and that's expected to continue.

All jobs advertised on the TradeMe website rose 9.8% in the September quarter compared with the same quarter last year following an 11% jump in the June quarter and 5.3% growth in the March quarter.