17 Oct 2013

Markets rally on US deal

1:33 pm on 17 October 2013

Global sharemarkets have reacted positively to the news that American politicians have struck a cross-party deal to end a partial government shutdown and raise the country's debt limit.

The bill extends the federal borrowing limit until 7 February and funds the government to 15 January.

It comes just a day before the deadline to raise the US$16.7 trillion limit.

The plan creates a conference committee of Senate and House members tasked with drawing up a longer-term budget deal.

Politicians, bankers and economists warned of global economic consequences unless an agreement to raise the US government's borrowing limit were reached.

President and chief investment officer of Wells Capital Management, Kirk Hartman, says while the crisis has hurt the economy, markets have still performed pretty well this year.

And he predicted a 5% rally on markets by year end but further volatility early in 2014.