24 Oct 2013

Warehouse to bring WiFi to all stores

7:53 am on 24 October 2013

The Warehouse Group is bringing WiFi to all its shops and introducing more online offerings, including a launch into the Australian market for its beauty website.

Chief executive Mark Powell says it is expanding its multichannel strategy so all its retail brands now have their full ranges online.

He says two weeks ago 'click and collect' was launched in The Warehouse, which allows people to order online, then pick the product up in store.

Mr Powell says that already represents 12% of the online sales in the red sheds.

He says WiFi should be available free in all the stores by early 2014.

Mr Powell says people with smartphones tend to look for places that have a WiFi connection and they use it to price check or to see the full range of products within the store, as well as having access to information about a product's features and benefits.

Mr Powell says the Warehouse will also expand its purely online brands.

He says that allows the Warehouse to offer larger product ranges than it has in its stores and it also gives the opportunity of selling in Australia online.