25 Oct 2013

New Wynyard software features aim to help solve crime

7:54 am on 25 October 2013

Security software company Wynyard Group says the new version of its crime analytics software includes new features for identifying financial and organised crime patterns, investigating gun crimes and processing digital evidence from seized mobile devices.

The company says its new product, named Mosquito, helps to protect companies and countries from crime and corruption.

Managing director Craig Richardson says Wynyard's customers face common problems, including that the volume and variety of unprocessed data hiding valuable intelligence and evidence continues to grow.

He says Wynyard aims to help frontline law enforcement or customs officers to discover the truth and solve a crime, and it is now possible to more efficiently collect data and present it in a way that is more useful to a frontline operator.

Mr Richardson says it includes gathering data from lawfully seized mobile devices, and where there has been a gun crime or trafficking of weapons to link those weapons to locations and potentially organised crime.

"We're really in the business of aggregating data that probably existed before but was in different locations, putting it into a form that makes sense for an investigator or an intelligence analyst and doing that very quickly."

Mr Richardson says the company is continuing to do well in the Asia Pacific region and South East Asia is also a good market for the technology.

He says South East Asia is recognised as a hotspot for trans-national crime, particularly human trafficking and drug trafficking which has an impact on New Zealand with methamphetamine and methamphetamine precursors.

Mr Richardson says Europe is also a strong market and it is making good progress in the United States.