20 Jan 2014

Demand for video and gaming content may fall in NZ

11:36 am on 20 January 2014

New Zealand's slow internet speeds could dampen the take-up of high-speed video content and gaming on mobile phones and tablets which is predicted to rise exponentially around the world this year.

Globally, Deloitte is predicting that phablets - that's part oversized mobile phone and part tablet - will outsell ordinary tablets this year by $US25 billion.

Increased popularity of video streaming and gaming on mobile devices is the driving force behind the sale of these devices.

Deloitte New Zealand partner Darren Johnson says New Zealand is quick to follow global technology trends, but the country's slower internet speeds could hinder take-up.

He says worldwide growth in the big five devices - that's the smartphone, tablet, the PC, TV and gaming console - will start to plateau this year as the market reaches saturation, but people will spend more on content.