4 Mar 2014

Many staff look to change jobs - report

7:20 pm on 4 March 2014

Almost half of New Zealand workers are considering moving jobs within the next year, according to a report from a global recruitment company.

The Randstad World of Work Report, which surveyed nearly 1000 employees and 500 recruitment staff, shows 49 percent of workers are considering moving on.

Randstad New Zealand director Paul Robinson said employers need to invest in their workers in order to retain a motivated and skilled workforce, as the number of people wanting to move jobs was substantial.

"This indicates to us that there's a greater confidence in the market place, where people are now looking to progress their career."

The number one reason people were looking for a new job was to enhance their careers, rather than for better salaries and conditions, the report showed.

"What this tells us is that New Zealand businesses need to be more savvy in regards to the retention of their key staff, making sure that they're feeling developed through their careers," Mr Robinson said.

"I think open and honest communication goes a long way with that in regards to the opportunity that people can hold within a specific business."

People had a lot less confidence in their ability to find new jobs during the global financial crisis but the overall economy was picking up, and that was mirrored in the report, he said.