17 Apr 2014

Delegat's head changing roles

7:02 am on 17 April 2014

Delegat's Group's long-term managing director Jim Delegat is taking a step back from running the business to become executive chairman.

Glass of red wine.

Glass of red wine. Photo: PHOTO NZ

Replacing him as managing director will be Graeme Lord, who has worked for Delegat's since 1999 and is currently the global sales and marketing manager, a key role in the brand-driven company.

Jim Delegat has worked in the business all his life and is the second generation to run the company, which is still owns more than 66 percent of the company.

But he said the move did not mean he was getting ready to retire.

"No, not at all. Over the last decade the company has grown tenfold and we've indicated to the market that we have continued growth aspirations."

The first step was the acquisition of Rossa Valley, while the succession plan was all about firming up its executive team to take the company to the next step, Mr Delegat said.

His role was to provide strategic direction and monitor performance in order to allow the managing director and the leadership team to deliver on agreed business plans, he said.

Mr Delegat's new role starts from the beginning of May.