2 Sep 2008

Summertime blues for Hollywood

1:42 pm on 2 September 2008

The summer moviegoing season in North America ended on a lackluster note on Monday.

Attendance slumped to a three-year low and ticket sales were up only slightly.

Estimated sales were up 0.43% from last year's record to $US4.2 billion, while the number of tickets sold slid by 3.5% to 586.9 million, according to the tracking firm Media By Numbers.

The previous low for attendance was in 2005, when 563 million tickets were sold.

The US Labor Day holiday weekend marks the traditional end of summer.

Top movie for the weekend was Tropic Thunder. The Hollywood satire

has earned about $US86.6 million to date.

However, the Batman sequel The Dark Knight has grossed almost $US505 million to date in the United States and Canada - making it the second-biggest movie in history behind Titanic

Year-to-date data presents a bleaker picture: Media By Numbers says ticket sales are down by almost 1% to $US6.6 billion, and attendance is down 4.7%.