18 Mar 2010

Telecom continues work on XT network fix

2:50 pm on 18 March 2010

Telecom says it has installed two new radio network controllers (RNC), effectively doubling the capacity of its XT network.

Some of the outages experienced on Telecom's XT network were due to its radio network controller in Christchurch, which affected coverage south of Taupo.

Telecom spokesperson Mark Watts says a new network controller has been added in Christchurch, and all cell sites have been transferred over to it.

Another one has been added in Auckland, but this will not be fully functional until the end of the month.

Mr Watts says the two extra units double the capacity of the XT network, while new software will minimise delays and duplication of text messages.

He says a team of consultants from British-based Analysys Mason is still reviewing the network to determine what caused the outages, and Telecom hopes to make the conclusions public after Easter.