17 Feb 2012

RWC a 'huge' boost for Sky

7:34 pm on 17 February 2012

The Rugby World Cup has boosted Sky Network's half year profits as subscriber numbers grew at their fastest rate in 5 years.

Sky posted a 3.8% rise in its after tax profit for the six months ending December, to $62.7 million.

Its chief executive, John Fellet, says the Rubgy World Cup lifted advertising sales by 11% and My Sky subscriptions by 43%.

He says the Rugby World Cup had a huge impact on the business with Sky being paid for its host broadcaster status and with additional advertising and new subscription revenue also flowing from the event.

Share jump

Shares in Sky Network climbed 2% on Friday after the company announced a jump in half year profit. Some 49% of households now have Sky.

Revenues increased more than 7% to $426.8 million, due to an 11% boost in advertising sales and a 43% rise in My Sky subscribers.

Some 49% of households now have Sky, up from 47% a year ago.