Employers accept CERA delay in lifting CBD cordons

7:57 pm on 24 March 2012

The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce says the delay in re-opening parts of the Christchurch central city is frustrating, but it does not blame the authorities.

Chief executive Pete Townsend says the inner-city needs to be re-opened as soon as possible but people have to accept the repair work is very complex.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) on Friday announced it will miss its deadline to open up more of the inner city by Easter, mostly due to delays in demolishing dangerous buildings.

CERA says it could be several months before it can push back the cordons.

Chief executive Roger Sutton says most of the delays have been because demolition of dangerous buildings near roads prevents people from driving through the city.

Mr Sutton says many business owners are not upset about the delay because it will give them more time to repair their buildings.