Housing NZ plans up to 350 homes for Christchurch

9:09 pm on 7 May 2012

Housing New Zealand has announced plans to start a series of redevelopments in Christchurch that will see 200 to 350 new homes built in the next 18 months.

Some 95% of Housing New Zealand's 6000 Christchurch properties have suffered some form of earthquake damage - from minor repairs to houses that have been deemed structurally unsound.

Housing New Zealand's general manager of assets redevelopment Sean Bignell says the new houses will help replenish depleted stock as well as help meet future demand.

Mr Bignell says 94 sites have so far been identified for minor redevelopment, with one to 10 new houses planned for each site.

Larger scale redevelopment plans are likely as more insurance claims are settled, he says.