EQC hears residents' frustrations

8:02 pm on 16 August 2012

The Earthquake Commission admits some Christchurch people are living in intolerable situations, but says its staff are processing claims as quickly as it can.

The commission's customer manager, Bruce Emson, and chief executive Ian Simpson briefed the Christchurch City Council's earthquake forumThursday morning about the progress it is making processing quake claims.

Residents who are still waiting to have their claims resolved also addressed the forum.

Mr Emson told the council the number of quakes has created chaos and the commission is trying to manage its way through it.

He says he accepts the progress is not fast enough for some residents.

An advocate for Christchurch residents, Leanne Curtis of CanCERN, told the briefing the commission's systems are not working and its messages do not reflect what is really happening.

Ms Curtis says as a result of delays in processing claims, some people's mental health is deteriorating very quickly.


A woman told the commission she feels it has abandoned her.

Resident Maria Thackwell, whose home is on damaged land, told the meeting it's unclear whether her claim is making any progress.

She says she is frustrated by the lack of progress, and considers the commission has failed to provide a good service.