Engineer 'pressured' to approve CTV building

7:45 am on 6 September 2012

The inquiry into the fatal collapse of the CTV building has been told the man who approved its design was pressured to do so despite his concerns.

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission is looking at why the Canterbury Television building in central Christchurch collapsed in the February 2011 earthquake, killing 115 people.

Christchurch City Council engineer Graeme Tapper signed off the CTV building's design in 1986.

As part of his closing submission the lawyer assisting the commission Stephen Mills, QC, told the commission on Wednesday that Mr Tapper, who is now dead, had taken issue with the building's floor connections.

He said the building's designer Alan Reay wasn't pleased with the hold up and complained to Mr Tapper's boss.

Mr Mills argued that Mr Tapper's worries were seen as an unneccessary nuisance by Dr Reay.

Mr Tapper's widow has previously told the commission her husband feared he would lose his job if he didn't approve the design.

Mr Mills has asserted that Dr Reay and to a lesser degree the city council are responsible for the building being signed off without those issues being addressed.