CTV receptionist wants charges laid

8:16 pm on 10 December 2012

The only Canterbury Television worker to get out of the collapsed CTV building alive, Mary-Anne Jackson, is calling for charges to be laid against the designers and the city council.

The final findings of the Royal Commission on the Canterbury Earthquakes, released on Monday afternoon say the CTV building should not have been issued a building permit.

185 people died in the Christchurch earthquake last year, 115 of them in the collapse of the CTV headquarters.

Mary-Anne Jackson wants to see Alan Reay, whose company designed the building, Gerald Shirtcliff, the man who supervised its construction, and the property manager John Drew, held accountable.

Ms Jackson told Checkpoint people now need to be held accountable.

She said the families of some of the 115 people who died want manslaughter charges laid.

Meanwhile, the Government has handed the report to police to look at whether any further action can be taken.