Breaches not top priority, say quake residents

6:04 am on 30 March 2013

Despite a second privacy breach by the Earthquake Commission in a week, many Christchurch residents say it is not a top priority for them.

On Thursday, the Government confirmed an email containing personal information of 2200 claimants and details of $23 million worth of cheques was mistakenly sent to a Christchurch man.

The revelation follows a privacy breach on 22 March in which the details of 83,000 Canterbury claimants were mistakenly sent to an insurance advocacy company.

The chair of the Heathcote Valley Community Association says while the latest breach is concerning, residents have other things to worry about following damaging quakes in the region.

Sara Templeton says people are becoming frustrated with their own situation and their inability to access relevant information, and are focusing more on issues they can control, including repairing their homes.

"People have found that the systems in place have been something they have struggled with and they don't feel as though they have any control over them. So people are trying to spend energy on things that they can control like how their own things are going, their own house repairs.

"It would be nice to think that the Government could get things together enough to have systems in place to not have these privacy breaches any more. It's just been appalling."