Quake advocacy group told to pay $24,000 for OIA

5:42 pm on 7 July 2013

A Christchurch earthquake advocacy group has been told it will have to pay $24,000 if it wants information from the Earthquake Commission requested under the Official Information Act.

The Wider Earthquake Community Action Network, or WeCan, which advocates for those affected by the Canterbury earthquakes, asked 83 questions.

The answers sought included what process was used to appoint Fletchers as the main repairer, and an explanation of why assessors with no previous building knowledge were employed.

WeCan spokesperson Sarah O'Brien says the fee EQC wants is unjustified, and is a way of withholding information that could reveal problems.

Ms O'Brien says WeCan represents a broad spectrum of the community who have not had their claims dealt with and are entitled to the information.

She says a volunteer team of lawyers, surveyors and engineers would analyse the information, which would then be used to push for a commission of inquiry.

The EQC said it could not comment on Sunday.