Deadline arrives for some Christchurch red zones

2:44 pm on 31 July 2013

Wednesday marks the deadline for the majority of homeowners in Christchurch's residential red zone to leave their land.

The Crown has made offers to purchase around 8000 properties in areas red zoned due to earthquake damage.

People who have taken up the offer have nominated a settlement date, with Wednesday the final available deadline for all but those in Southshore, South Brighton and on the Port Hills.

Some 100 home owners are scheduled to settle with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority by the end of Wednesday.

Another 341 people have been given individual extensions, ranging from a week to six months.

Avonside resident, Sue Cooper, is one of about 300 homeowners who've been given a reprieve and allowed to stay in their homes until the end of January next year.

She says the process hasn't been easy.

"It's just added a whole lot of stress and pressure to the situation, having to get the documentation to prove why you can't move on."

Ms Cooper says she's also been out every weekend looking for a new house to move into, and the high prices in Christchurch are making it incredibly difficult to find anywhere.