EQC misses deadlines, insists it's making progress

11:57 am on 1 November 2013

The Earthquake Commission has missed two of its own deadlines for having all quake contents and cosmetic damage claims settled in Canterbury but insists it has processed as many as possible.

In July it sent letters to homeowners undertaking to have all contents claims and those for damage worth under $15,000 settled by the end of October.

EQC national claims manager Gail Kettle says of the 20,000 outstanding claims for cosmetic damage 17,000 have been settled.

Ms Kettle says the rest have yet to be settled for a range of reasons including complications about claims involving buildings such as apartments and a lack of information from customers.

She says there are just under 6,000 contents claims yet to be settled because they face a range of problems, including those involving private insurers.