One card to rule them all at cordon

5:45 pm on 30 March 2011

Civil Defence says a new identification card will soon be needed to get into Christchurch's inner-city cordon.

National Controller John Hamilton says the aim is to provide better control of who is inside the cordon.

He says the passes will make life easier for residents who previously had to provide multiple forms of identification. They will be colour-coded depending on each person's reason for accessing the cordon.

For example, residents will have one colour, builders another.

Information is also being given to people about how to remain safe within the cordon, in particular, the safest route to their building.

Full list of buildings for demolition soon

The moratorium on demolishing buildings was lifted earlier in the week and Civil Defence intends to release a full list of buildings for demolition on Friday.

On Thursday more of the red zone will be opened to residents and businesses, and the public will be given access on Friday.

This encompasses the area around Moorhouse Ave, Barbadoes St, St Asaph St and Manchester St.