Vehicle sales in Christchurch buck national trends

11:07 am on 1 March 2012

While many businesses in Christchurch are still struggling to get back on their feet after over a year of earthquakes, vehicle sales are booming.

The combination of insurance payouts on quake-damaged properties and an expected increase in construction have led to surprisingly bumper figures for the city over the past year.

Sales of new commercial vehicles were up by 37% compared to 12% nationally, and used commercial vehicles sales were up 73% compared to 14% nationally.

Sales of used imports were in line with national figures.

Angus Cochrane from Euromarque and Cochrane Motorgroup said that, overall, last year was probably the best the company has had since 2008.

He said people don't tend to advertise the fact they are spending money from an insurance or EQC payout, but he suspects that is an element.