22 Oct 2008

Housing insulation could be fast-tracked, says Labour

6:35 pm on 22 October 2008

Labour leader Helen Clark says retrofitting houses with insulation is one possible area of Government spending that could be brought forward in the face of the economic downturn.

The party is promising a December economic stimulus package if it wins the election, which could see some infrastructure projects fast-tracked to help create jobs.

Miss Clark has talked about bringing forward road and rail projects, as well as school upgrades and forestry works.

However, she acknowledged that such projects can take time to gear up.

"The point can be made that if you're looking at major construction projects there's a lead time on that.

"But there are things like retrofitting which can involve relatively unskilled workers who've been displaced, so that's easily geared up."

National has also said its proposals on spending on roads and other infrastructure will put money into the economy and help keep people in jobs during the recession.