Party leaders talk about themselves

11:59 am on 19 September 2014

In Under the grill, our series of election videos, we asked the leaders of parties represented in parliament the questions everybody wants to ask.

Q: Do you prefer cats or dogs, and why?

I like marae cats, you know cats that know how to catch a mouse...But, personally, for me, probably dogs...but not poodles, and not chihuahuas.

Q: What's the most important thing you want to achieve, if you lead or are part of the next government?

You can't avoid the economy. Why? Because it affects peoples' lives 24/7, and we've been on a long slide for now almost three decades against our very great performance in the past.

Q: Are you worried about what people think of you?

I try to take things not very seriously, because life's too short to get anxious about. And what I'm really fascinated about is how serious other people take things - Peter Dunne

Q: If you weren't in politics, what would you be doing?

If the kids ask me I always say a butcher or an airline pilot, so I've got the spectrum kind of covered in terms of jobs - John Key

Q: How would your partner or wife describe you?

Having my heart in the right place, being a hard worker...someone who will from time to time make mistakes, learn on the job, but I will always keep coming, keep trying - David Cunliffe

Q: Who has influenced you the most and why?

It's my mother...we didn't have very much...but she always shared what she had, and it's that value of sharing what you've got and taking care of others and treating people with respect, is one of the reasons I came into politics - Metiria Turei