14 Aug 2008

Most schools don't cater for gifted students - ERO

5:18 pm on 14 August 2008

A report by the Education Review Office has found gifted students at most schools in New Zealand are missing out on the support they need to nurture their talents.

The report covered 315 schools - mostly primary schools. It found fewer than one in five schools identify and cater to gifted and talented pupils, despite a policy introduced three years ago.

The ERO says the majority have not made any progress on gifted and talented pupils, nor have they recognised the special needs of these students.

Its national manager of Evaluation Services Di Anderson says if school leaders and teachers take a proactive stance and focus on these students they would get the appropriate education.

The report also reveals that the majority of schools have not fostered discussion between school staff and families on the issue.

However, Principals Federation president Paddy Ford says the policy for schools to cater to gifted and talented students is too vague and there's insufficient funding.