18 Aug 2008

No sexual violation, says ex-ambulance driver's lawyer

9:13 pm on 18 August 2008

A defence lawyer has told Auckland District Court that her client did not sexually assault or violate his patient in the back of an ambulance.

The former St John ambulance driver, whose name and current occupation are suppressed, is charged with one count of sexual violation and 10 of indecent assault.

During cross-examination, defence counsel Judith Ablett-Kerr, QC, put it to the woman that she was never assaulted.

Ms Ablett-Kerr also highlighted gaps in the woman's memory, saying records showed the woman's blood pressure was checked a number of times in the ambulance - but the woman could not recall this happening.

Ms Ablett-Kerr also queried how the man would have assaulted and then violated her in the confines of a moving ambulance.

The woman, who had suffered a fractured and dislocated shoulder, told the court how the driver indecently assaulted and sexually violated her in the back of an ambulance on the way to hospital.

She says she shouted at him and then used her uninjured arm to push him away.

When she told him she was aware of what he was doing and could recognise him, she says he started to panic.

The trial is expected to take two weeks.