26 Mar 2012

Former principal convicted of fraud resigns as JP

10:38 pm on 26 March 2012

A former Hamilton high school principal convicted on two fraud charges in January has finally resigned as a Justice of the Peace.

Martin Elliott pleaded guilty to using school money to have work done on his holiday home and was sentenced to 40-hours of community work.

At the time, he remained a JP even after calls from the Justices Association he stand-down.

In a submission to Associate Minister of Justice Chester Borrows, Elliott maintained his conviction should not prevent him continuing as a JP, now based in Bay of Plenty.

Mr Borrows says he absolutely disagreed with this.

He says to remain in office would bring disrepute to the office of Justice of the Peace.

Mr Borrows says he requested Elliott tender his resignation, which was received on Monday by the Secretary of Justice and accepted.