27 Mar 2012

Mayor demands inquiry into skate park 'assault'

5:52 am on 27 March 2012

The Mayor of Auckland is demanding that police investigate an alleged assault at a skate park that was heavily vandalised with graffiti during an event.

A video posted on the internet shows a teenage boy and a man being shoved at a children's skate competition in Victoria Park at the weekend.

The event, which attracted children as young as six years old, took a turn for the worse when Craig Platt was filmed pushing a boy off his skateboard.

The event's organiser, William Murdoch, says he apologises for Mr Platt's behaviour, but does not take any responsibility for his actions.

But mayor Len Brown has asked police to intervene and also criticised the organiser for allowing participants to graffiti the newly-refurbished park.

"What was carried out there was just completely inappropriate thuggery and I've talked to the chief of police for Auckland City and I've asked him to look seriously into the matter and hopefully take action. It just was assault - there's nothing else but that."

Mr Platt could not be reached for comment.