27 Apr 2012

Woman sentenced to community work for assaulting child

3:46 pm on 27 April 2012

A woman who assaulted a child in her care, causing hair loss and bruising, has been ordered to carry 150 hours' community work.

The woman, whose name is suppressed pending an appeal to the High Court, was sentenced in Wellington District Court on Friday on two charges of assault with a weapon and one of assaulting a child.

As well as punching and kicking the 10-year-old girl numerous times, the woman also hit her with the handle of a bathroom plunger and with a toilet brush holder, which caused a cut to the child's head.

The child is now living elsewhere.

Judge Anne Gaskell placed the woman under supervision for 12 months and ordered that she undergo any counselling ordered by her probation officer.

The judge also ordered that the woman not have any contact with her victim without written permission.