15 Sep 2008

Call for bigger recycling bins

7:16 pm on 15 September 2008

Bigger recycling bins would encourage New Zealanders to recycle even more waste, says the Packaging Council.

A study by the council reveals that people are recycling up to 60% of their rubbish, and that there has been an almost 15% jump in recycling in the past three years.

Executive director Paul Curtis says larger bins provided by district and city councils could increase the amount of recycled material collected from residents.

Mr Curtis says it hopes more councils will collaborate to provide residents with better recycling services.

He says figures show each person recycled on average 96 kilograms of waste.

Mr Curtis says recycling a viable business for companies because of the large volume of material processed and high commodity prices.

The release of the council's study coincided with the official opening on Monday of a $20 million recycling plant in Onehunga, Auckland.