10 May 2012

Harawira urges boycott of AFFCO owner

8:49 pm on 10 May 2012

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira says a hit in the pocket, even if its temporary, should send a strong message to the owners of AFFCO.

Mr Harawira wants people to boycott Talleys products in protest at the extended lockout.

About 1300 workers are locked out or on strike at eight AFFCO meatworks, owned by Nelson-based Talley's Group Limited.

He says the Talley family, which is worth $300 million, is out to bash the union and people should buy other products until the company figures out how serious New Zealanders are about fair wage bargaining.

Mr Harawira says it will be more effective than protesting outside the meatworks.

AFFCO have said there is unlikely to be an early resolution of the 10-week dispute.