8 Oct 2008

Agnew case told accused sent threatening text

8:12 pm on 8 October 2008

Murder-accused Liam Reid sent a threatening text to his girlfriend on the same day deaf woman Emma Agnew went missing, the High Court in Christchurch has been told.

Mr Reid, 36, is charged with raping and murdering Ms Agnew on 15 November last year and the rape and attempted murder of a Dunedin university student nine days later.

Sharon Leckie, who knew the accused and his girlfriend, says she was forwarded a text message from Mr Reid on the morning of 15 November.

Ms Leckie said Mr Reid warned his girlfriend to meet him that afternoon, or he would come over and make a scene.

The court also heard from a former workmate of the accused, who said Mr Reid had mentioned the topic of strangulation during sex several times in conversation.

The Crown alleges a significant feature linking the murder of Ms Agnew, 20, and the rape of the 21-year-old in Dunedin is the level of sexual violence involved.