9 Oct 2008

Agnew jury hears details of alleged Dunedin rape

8:14 pm on 9 October 2008

The jury in the high court murder trial of Liam Reid has begun hearing evidence about a rape he allegedly committed in Dunedin, nine days after deaf woman Emma Agnew was killed.

Mr Reid is charged with the rape and murder of Ms Agnew on 15 November last year and the rape of a 21-year-old university student in Dunedin.

Peter Van Nugteren told the Christchurch court on Thursday that he was heading back to his workplace in central Dunedin early on 24 November when he noticed a couple embracing in a dark alleyway.

Mr Van Nugteren says he did not give them a second thought, but the Crown alleges Mr Reid warned the woman he attacked to act like a couple and not cry for help, or she would be killed.

The Crown says the killing of Ms Agnew, 20, and the Dunedin rape are linked by a high level of sexual violence.

The court also heard evidence on Thursday from a forensic pathologist who described injuries to the body of Ms Agnew which the Crown says fit with Mr Reid's modus operandi.

Further evidence will be heard next week from from scientists about DNA which the Crown says links Mr Reid to Ms Agnew's killing.