27 Jun 2012

Marryatt not saying whether he will return rest of pay rise

8:10 pm on 27 June 2012

Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt is refusing to say whether he will return the remainder of a controversial $68,000 pay rise.

The chief executive's salary increase sparked public protests by quake-affected Cantabrians and fuelled tensions inside the council.

In January, Mr Marryatt said he would keep about half of what he'd already been paid of the increase until councillors could show they can work together.

On Tuesday, the Government announced that a Crown Observer installed to oversee council meetings would end his tenure on Sunday.

However Mr Marryatt is still undecided about what he will do with the backdated pay rise.

Meanwhile, A Canterbury protest group says Mr Marryatt should have paid back the remaining portion of his pay increase more than a month ago.

Mr Marryatt said he would keep half of the increase until councillors showed they could cooperate.

A spokesperson for Cantabrians Unite, Hugh Pavletich says councillors proved this when they signed a charter setting out how they would work together.

Mr Pavletich says Tony Marryatt should have paid back the money then.

Mr Marryatt says a review of his salary, which starts next week, will consider whether he keeps the money or not.

The review will also consider a further pay increase.