26 Oct 2008

Big holiday sales entice shoppers into stores

9:47 pm on 26 October 2008

Despite tougher economic times, retailers are reporting a surprising influx of shoppers making the most of larger-than-normal Labour Weekend sales.

Retail sales have been flat over the past few months.

Westfield says its centres across the country over the holiday weekend are experiencing a rise in foot traffic as many stores have extensive sales on to clear excess stock before Christmas.

The weekend has provided a much-needed boost for the Briscoe Group which includes popular homeware stores Briscoes and Living and Giving and sports shop Rebel Sports.

It has been a difficult time for the company, with a 70% fall in profit for the July half year.

But its managing director, Rob Duke, says this weekend's results are encouraging.

"My expectation (for the weekend) was not high but the entire month has been good and the first day of the long holiday, Friday, saw an influx of customers to our stores," he said.

Mr Duke hoped the weekend's buoyant sales will continue in the build up to Christmas.

Sales figures for the weekend aren't due for another fortnight.