7 Jul 2012

Decision wanted on Gisborne rail repair

11:07 pm on 7 July 2012

The chairman of the Hawke's Bay Regional Council's transport comittee says KiwiRail and the Government need make a decision on the Gisborne rail line.

Areas of the line were washed out in March and it is estimated it will cost at least $4 million to fix.

Over the past few months, KiwiRail has been assessing whether it should go ahead with the repair.

The committee chairman, Alan Dick, says it was expected a decision would have been made by now.

"I get the impression that KiwiRail has done its thing. It's offered government's views and some options and it's sitting with government and they are awaiting teh appropriate occasion to make releases."

Mr Dick says although it's conjecture on his part, there is good evidential backing for his view.

He says any repair work needs to be finished before the summer squash season.