28 Oct 2008

Children crying from wrestling moves - murder trial witness

3:31 pm on 28 October 2008

A child witness in the Nia Glassie murder trial says the three-year-old's mother, Lisa Kuka, was at work when children were crying because of wrestling moves adults were performing on them.

Brothers Wiremu and Michael Curtis deny murdering the toddler, who died of brain injuries in August last year.

Lisa Kuka, Oriwa Kemp and Michael Pearson deny manslaughter.

Under cross-examination by Ms Kuka's lawyer, the child said Nia's mother went to work before the children would get up.

The child said Ms Kuka worked every day except Sunday and would sometimes take the children to the park to play.

The child recalled being told not to tell Ms Kuka about the wrestling moves and said the children would be threatened with a hiding if they said anything.

The child remembered Ms Kuka giving Nia a warm bath after wetting the bed on 20 July, the day the Crown contends Nia was fatally assaulted by the Curtis brothers.