18 Apr 2009

Orders flow in for apple that doesn't go brown

9:35 am on 18 April 2009

Overseas demand for a new variety of New Zealand apple, that does not turn brown when it is cut, has been so great that growers cannot keep up.

The variety, Envy, is a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn apples.

It was developed by scientists from HortResearch, now part of the Institute of Plant and Food research.

Marketing rights are held by ENZA, whose global variety manager Brian D'Ath says up to 3,500 cartons will be sent to Asia and North America this year.

He expects the volume will increase substantially next year, to up to 30,000 cartons.

Mr D'Ath says 300,000 trees are being planted this winter.

Plans are also underway to increase its availability by growing it in the northern hemisphere, so the market can be supplied year-round.

It is likely to be another two or three years before Envy is offered locally.