9 Aug 2012

Right to Life loses Supreme Court appeal

11:43 am on 9 August 2012

The Supreme Court has ruled against the Right to Life group which was trying to prove abortions are being granted illegally in New Zealand.

Abortions in New Zealand may be granted if there is a threat to a woman's physical or mental health.

However, Right to Life argued individual consultants are granting terminations without that legal threshold being met.

The group also claimed the Abortion Supervisory Committee was failing to monitor consultants and ensure that law was followed.

The Court of Appeal disagreed, saying the committee did not have the power to scrutinise consultants.

Right to Life appealed to the Supreme Court, which issued its decision on Thursday.

In a majority opinion, the Supreme Court said current law allows the committee to ask consultants how they are approaching their decision-making in general, but it does not have the power to scrutinise individual cases.