9 Aug 2012

Emergency call heard by jury in murder trial

1:23 pm on 9 August 2012

A jury in the case of a man accused of murdering his daughter has listened to an emergency call made by the girl's mother on 24 March 2010. In it, she describes the girl having a seizure.

Kefu Ikamanu is on trial at the High Court in Auckland, charged with the murder of his daughter Seini, aged three years.

During the emergency call, Seini's mother Sela Ikamanu told the operator her daughter's teeth were clenched tight.

Seini was taken to hospital that night and died eight months later.

Kefu Ikamanu is accused of injuring his daughter some time during the week before the emergency call was made.

The Crown says he picked the girl up by her right arm, causing her shoulder to break, then threw her at a wall before stomping on her pelvis.

Mr Ikamanu admits injuring his daughter, but denies stomping on her and says he had no murderous intent.