13 Aug 2012

Accused 'caused death with a single punch'

1:30 pm on 13 August 2012

The High Court in Auckland has been told a man on trial for manslaughter punched a man with such force that he broke his jaw.

Kit Murray is on trial for the manslaughter of William Dawson. The Crown says he caused Mr Dawson's death with a single punch outside a bar in Auckland's Viaduct in the early hours of 7 October last year.

It says Mr Dawson, a 34-year-old Sky Television employee, fell onto the pavement and received multiple fractures to his skull.

The prosecution says Mr Murray punched Mr Dawson with such force that his upper jawbone was broken before he fell to the ground. He later died in hospital of blunt force trauma.

The trial is expected to take about two weeks.