17 Aug 2012

Skydiver transferred to Christchurch hospital

4:58 am on 17 August 2012

A Taupo man who suffered multiple injuries after a parachute malfunction is being transferred from Nelson to Christchurch hospital for specialised treatment.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon at the eleventh annual Good Vibes skydiving festival at Motueka areodrome.

The man was treated by other jumpers and a doctor before being airlifted to Nelson Hospital at about 2pm.

Nelson hospital has since confirmed the man has been transferred to Christchurch for further specialist treatment.

The skydiver was carrying out a solo jump with the company Skydive Abel Tasman.

Its owner, Stuart Bean, says the skydiver's emergency chute did open.

"He activated his main parachute at about 4000 feet, stayed with his main parachute for a short period of time, and developed a steering problem so he didn't have directional control.

"He elected to release the main parachute and open his reserve parachute and for reasons that we don't know at this stage had a hard landing."

The full extent of the man's injuries are still not known, but St John Ambulance says he may have suffered damage to his back.