19 Aug 2012

Residents oppose Basin Reserve flyover

4:46 am on 19 August 2012

Mount Victoria Residents Association says nearly everyone living in the Wellington suburb where a new flyover bridge is planned, are opposed to the project.

On Friday the Transport Agency announced it intends to build a $90 million flyover 20 metres from the Basin Reserve sports ground.

It rejected designs for a more expensive flyover further away from the ground, and a tunnel.

The association says the community was consulted last year, but the Agency has not listened to what they want.

It says Mount Victoria is a long-established suburb that's going to be ripped apart by the flyover.

The Architectural Centre says the flyover will cut Wellington in two.

But, the centre says, a tunnel would not only address traffic problems, it would also improve the landscape with one continuous park from the War Memorial to Government House.

It says flyovers create dead space underneath.

Meanwhile the Historic Places Trust is urging the Transport Agency to protect the heritage features of the Basin Reserve.

The Trust is not opposing the flyover, but says heritage features in the area such as the 1911 Home of Compassion crèche must be looked after.

It says although only a small area will be affected, the area contains much of Wellington's history.