4 Dec 2008

Outrage at bylaw to remove homeless during World Cup

6:54 pm on 4 December 2008

Some Auckland City Councillors are outraged by a proposed bylaw to get rid of homeless people when the city hosts the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Community Services Committee members met on Wednesday to consider options for dealing with the homeless.

Other cities have done it before including, Beijing and Sydney during the Olympic Games and Bangkok for various summits.

Auckland's bylaw would address loitering, sleeping in doorways and begging in the central business district.

In October, the council was considering putting them in hotels during the World Cup, but this proposal could see them moved from the inner city. It is not clear where to.

The committee is seeking more ways to reduce the level of homeless people and anti-social behaviour in the central city, especially Queen Street.

However, Councillor Cathy Casey of City Vision says it is a heartless solution. She says there is no need for the bylaw and the $50,000 cost is a waste.

Ms Casey says the bylaw was proposed without any numbers on the extent of the problem.

Once a bylaw is drafted, it will go to public consultation.