2 Sep 2012

Chinese baby formula promoted as made in NZ

8:12 pm on 2 September 2012

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is expressing worry at Chinese counterfeiting of New Zealand milk products.

It says the practice can damage this country's image and standing.

Media reports say 20 Chinese-made baby food products are claiming falsely to have been made in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed false claims are being made, although does not say how many.

It says the problem came to light at a baby food expo in Shanghai and includes infant formula marketed at the expo itself.

The ministry says it takes the issue seriously, and is talking to Chinese officials to try to protect the standing of New Zealand food exports.

The practice has also been condemned by Prime Minister John Key, whose picture is on one of the products.

But he says he is photographed hundreds of times a day and it is hard to stop misuse of the pictures.

"I mean that particular plant that I opened which was GMP in Auckland, there were at least 30 different companies that sourced milk powder from that factory, and I did photos with probably every single one of those suppliers".