8 Sep 2012

Nine teenagers in car crash

3:41 pm on 8 September 2012

A police crash investigator says nine teenagers who were travelling in a small car that crashed on an Auckland motorway must have thought they were bullet proof.

The driver of the VW Golf lost control near the Constellation Drive on-ramp on the motorway early on Saturday while carrying the nine people, one of whom was sitting in the boot.

Three of the teens suffered minor injuries.

Senior Constable Karl Bevin says all are are extremely fortunate not to have been seriously hurt.

"I haven't actually seen that many people in a small hatchback and you really have to wonder what is going on in the minds of the teenagers."

Mr Bevin says the teenagers should have known better and must have thought they were invincible.

"There's been a lot of effort put into attending a party but not much forethought put into making sure that everybody gets home safely. Perhaps in this case a second vehicle or a couple of taxis would have been a far more suitable option."

Karl Bevin says investigators have not spoken to the driver of the car, but charges are likely.