9 Sep 2012

Auckland school set to benefit from infamous neighbour

5:49 pm on 9 September 2012

An affluent Auckland primary school hopes to profit from having the internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom as a neighbour.

For a Coatesville School fundraiser in November, people willing to pay $100 will be given a tour of several homes and gardens in the area, including Mr Dotcom's mansion.

The event's manager, Bridgette Jackson, says Kim Dotcom has put Coatesville on the map.

She says Mr Dotcom wants to be part of the community, and offered to be involved in the event - which is expected to raise more than $120,000.

She says the group has no issues with him being part of it, even though he's facing extradition to the United States on copyright charges.

Ms Jackson says they are only allegations at this stage, and she hopes people put aside their differences on the day.

Ninety percent of the money raised will go to the school, while the rest will go to the Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.