11 Sep 2012

Haig 'not holding breath' over compensation claim

10:37 pm on 11 September 2012

A man seeking a judicial review of his failed compensation claim says he won't be holding his breath for a payout.

Rex Haig spent 10 years in prison before the Court of Appeal quashed his murder conviction in 2006 after 14 people told it that another man had confessed to the killing.

During part of the time he shared a cell with David Bain, who it is now reported could receive reparation for the time he spent in jail.

Some media are reporting that a retired Canadian Supreme Court judge has told the New Zealand Government that, on the balance of probabilities, David Bain is innocent and should get compensation.

Mr Bain was acquitted of murdering his parents and three siblings in Dunedin at a re-trial in 2009 and had spent 13 years in jail.

In 2009, Rex Haig's claim for compensation was denied on the grounds he had failed to show that he was innocent.

Mr Haig told Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint programme on Tuesday he believes he has a strong case for compensation, but is not expecting much.

"This is New Zealand and I don't think the Government has got much money if they're having to borrow $300 or $500 million a week.

"I don't think they've got money to throw around, so I wouldn't be holding my breath on anybody getting money from them."

Mr Haig says an application for judicial review will be lodged next year.